April 27, 2016

5 Reasons Simple Graphic Design Packs More Punch

Graphic design agencies like to keep their eye on the ball, but this week, it’s more about the dot!

Domino Pizza have just received the results from commissioning an agency to design their packaging for two-pizza deals. With 96% of all pizza’s coming out of Dominos in the UK being sold as a pair, the company wanted to deliver a memorable and eye catching design that fitted the bill to a tee.

The agency interpreted this request to produce a two box solution in the form of the highly relevant playing prop – the domino. One box is red with the domino dots, and the other is blue. Fitting together perfectly to complement each other in the brand colours, the boxes are instantly recognisable.


Less really is more when it comes to design and there are also other benefits to keeping things simple. Not only is it usually easier for consumers to comprehend, but it can also be more cost effective to make products that have a simple design. It’s so easy to over-design something and take it too far in attempts to improve.

Here’s what needs to be considered to keep graphic design simple but effective:

Don’t leave people wondering. A clear simple design is far easier for people to recognise what your brand stands for. Complex designs could leave people scratching their heads, wondering what the meaning of your design is. If in doubt go simple.

Simple graphic designs create more attention for products. Simple graphic designs ensure their is less confusion and distraction, leaving the attention on your product. As simple designs can give products the space they need to expose their beauty.


Simple is classic. Just as with fashion design, furniture or even architecture, simple design of websites holds up to the test of time.

Easy to understand. Simple designs are easy to understand for all ages. Some of the most loved and recognised designs such as Nike, Ebay or Google are simple graphic designs. Having a simple design that is understood by a younger and older generation opens your product up to a diverse target market.

This is a simple logo design for a charity by jpds creative graphic design wrexham

Easier to scan. It’s a rare moment when anybody reads every word of any website. We all just scan these days as it’s far easier to do.

In summary, simple really can be better as Domino’s boxes clearly demonstrate.

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