May 11, 2016

Market Insights: What’s the Difference Between Brands and Logos?

Graphic Designers Explain The Importance Of Branding, Logos and Business Values 

In this post we are going to share some marketing knowledge for those who want to learn more about why graphic design agencies approach their work in the way that they do. Let’s explore what the differences are between branding and logos.

Think Amazon, Apple and Starbucks. Think about their logos. Now think about their branding.

A logo is a symbol that represents a business and its brand. It’s a tool that is used for easy and rapid recognition of a business. Logos should communicate the vision of your company and they validate the values. They also contribute to the image of the brand. Design should be kept simple as cluttering a logo dilutes its power. It should also match the business name and communicate it including using the chosen colours.


However, a logo is just piece of a brand. There is far more to it – let’s explore what else makes up a successful brand.

A brand is a way that you can influence what your prospects and clients think of your company. It’s what is used to make the business stand out from others in a crowded marketplace. Using an image that is both consistent and strong can even sell your products for you.

Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Nike sell products based on their brand. People relate to that brand and want to be part of the lifestyle that it represents. Branding that is successful can create a feeling associated with them such as Apple standing for innovation and quality. Brands such as Hollister are so popular because people aspire to be affiliated with the brand. Branding has become so powerful that some people purchase an item based on the brand and not the product. As being associated with the brand through the logo is more important then the actual product. This process is known as ‘adding value’ when your brand and thus logo adds value to the base price of the product both financially and socially.

A brand, represents the entire image of the company. It includes the following factors:

  • Product or service categorisation
  • Pricing
  • Categorisation of your service or products
  • The values that you want your company to known for.. ie ethical, cost, customer service etc
  • The name of your business
  • The positioning of the product or service – ie a commodity or a premium luxury product

H2Some example of business values include:

Speed of service, commitment, value for money, quality, family focused, support, fresh, bargain, durability, handmade, sustainable, environmentally friendly, luxury, community based, customer centric

As you can see for yourself, branding is based on what you want somebody to feel about using your products or services. It is applied at every customer touchpoint for example, carrier bags, website, letterheads, telephone call centre experience and business cards. Whereas the logo is just one symbol that should communicate as much as possible, without being cluttered.

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