September 22, 2014

what does our workspace look like?

A goliath of a workstation

Have you ever thought what a typical Graphic Designers desk looks like. You may think it’s some high tech, squeaky clean shrine to all things Apple with not a spec of dust and some asymmetrically aligned objects. Well the high tech would be about right but everything else is not.

A typical workstation at JPDS Creative could be mistaken for the control centre from the Nebuchadnezzar, well something similar anyway, with multiple screens hooked up to a goliath of a Mac. It’s all about productivity rather than fashion. An iMac may look really smart perched above a wireless keyboard and mouse but in reality working flat out for 7 hours a day would cause it to melt down.

You’ll probably find a pile of papers with what looks like another language posing as a desktop pad, a disorganised and undecipherable mash of secret codes that only we can decipher and help us remember what we needed to do yesterday. Almost every inch of desk space will be accommodated by oddities, samples, job bags, swatch books, crumbs, tea rings and probably the odd CD.

Once in a while we may have a tidy up but thats usually around Christmas time.